Model Fair Designs Rides

The MFD range of plans and instructions was started by the late Vic King over forty years ago. Vic had been a lifelong fairground modeller and early retirement presented the opportunity to draw up plans for fairground rides, organs and trailers. All were carefully researched and prototype models built before the plans were released. Over the years several thousand models have been built from these designs. All rides were designed to be built up and taken down just like the full size.
I took over the copyright to the designs over ten years ago and have been enhancing them to take account of technology changes, particularly in lighting, and the loss of several major suppliers.

Noahs Ark

In use from the 1930’s to the 1970’s the Ark makes an ideal ride for the modeller who is moving on from static models.

Coronation Ark Speedway

The Noah’s Ark enhanced by the extension front.


Current from the 1930’s with new rides still being built.  The model features a high quality drive and provides for extensive lighting.

Mont Blanc

A precursor to the Matterhorn.  The drive is simple but the car supports need good metalworking skills.


The classic and enduring fairground ride current from the Victorian era with new rides still being built.  The drive system is fully detailed on the plans.


A fast and noisy 1930’s ride which is seeing a resurgence of interest today.


Another 1930’s ride which has never gone out of fashion.  The model features a simple drive system.


An Edwardian ride still to be found at preservation events.  The plans detail the crank drive.

Super Disco Speedway

The Ark with the benefit of the high quality motor and drive of the Waltzer.

Flying Coaster

One of the last of Vic King's designs and never completed by him.  Highly detailed and dead to scale.

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