This range of taps, waste pipes and down pipe were originally produced for Lenham Pottery for use in their very finely hand made china sinks and toilets.

There are three sizes of taps. The small tap to suit handbasins, a medium sized tap suited to a bath – in the days when baths would often be fed from giant gas geysers and large taps and pipework were needed to carry the volumes of water involved. Lastly the wall tap – usually to be found in the scullery or outdoors where it fed one of those large white or brown ceramic sinks. All much sort after today for holding plants. All taps are supplied as bare white metal which gives much the same appearance as a nickel plated tap.

There are three sizes of waste pipe – the smallest and shallowest is for the bath. The medium size suits a sink whereas the one with largest ‘drop’ is used for the basin. All have a short horizontal section which is to be fitted through an adjoining wall. The pipes are supplied unpainted and thus look like lead, which they are, and which many of the pipes originally were.


Used to carry the water from an overhead cistern to the toilet basin. The brackets on the pipe are drilled to take tiny rivets (supplied) which are used to secure the pipe to the wall.

Taps (per pair – unpainted) –
Bath- £2.80
Sink – £2.44
Wall – £2.68
Waste pipes (unpainted) –
Bath- £2.21
Sink – £2.77
Basin – £2.68
WC Cistern Down Pipe (unpainted) – £4.37