Geared motor as used in the 1/24th scale MFD Coaster, Super Disco Speedway and Waltzer but also suitable for many other rides. 38mm diameter x 66mm long. 12Volt DC 60rpm 185mA maximum – £53.

RE385 motor for 1/24th scale MFD Galloper and Chairoplane models. 28mm diameter x 56mm long (inc. shaft) – £10.00.

Miniature fully assembled instrument motor/gearbox as used to directly drive all 4mm UK ride kits produced. Eliminates the need for a separate gearbox. 27mm diameter x 46mm long 12rpm at 12Volts, 9rpm at 9Volts and 6rpm at 6Volts DC, 35mA maximum – £39.

Cheap 1.5 – 3Volt DC motors – £1.