1/48th scale fairground models

This scale is much beloved by UK fairground lorry modellers. In this scale an eight wheel lorry is 190mm (7 1/2″) long by 50mm (2″) wide. The range of British or European lorries available as white metal kits from specialist suppliers like Kingfisher Models or as ready made diecast models by Corgi and others is far greater than in other scales. Unfortunately there are no rides or fairground attractions available in this scale.

To complement these models I make a range of kits for lorry and trailer bodies and various ride parts. These kits use 18thou (0.5mm) thick etched brass with resin, white metal and plasticard details. This thickness of brass gives good strength and the bodies, once assembled, are rigid. The kits can either be soldered or glued with five-minute epoxy glue.

Double deck frame body

Typical frame body used for the carriage of Waltzer or  skid cars and other ride parts.

Set of nine Waltzer cars

Simple kit for a set of nine Waltzer cars which can be used as a load on the frame body.

Packing truck body

A medium sized planked body capable of carrying many of the parts of a ride and horse rods for a set of gallopers.

Galloper horse box body

A planked body with sliding doors made for carrying the horses for a galloper ride.

Ride railing

A traditional balustrade type railing suitable for Dodgems or Skid.

Belly box doors

A set of belly box doors to enhance any lorry, trailer or living van.

Set of eight skid cars

A simple but well detailed kit for a set of eight skid cars

MFD Drawing of Dodgem track

A single large drawing showing the structure of a traditional Dodgem track in detail.

Gates for Juvenile ride

A set of safety barriers for a juvenile ride or other attraction.

Sales items

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