A set of Dodgems is an essential part of any fair.  These kits provide models which can either be used to build a complete set of dodgems or used in their own right as individual loads. In the case of the paybox it would be equally at home used as a canteen.

Parts for a Dodgem track

A very well detailed set of parts from which to assemble the bottom of a traditional Dodgem track

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Trailer mounted paybox

A simple kit for a paybox which can also be used as a canteen

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16 1960’s Supercar Dodgem cars

Well detailed set of Dodgem cars

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16 1970’s Reverchon Dodgem cars

A well detailed set of Dodgem cars

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1970’s ride railings

Finely etched in brass

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Balustrade ride railings

A finely etched set of railings

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MFD drawing of Dodgem track

A detailed drawing of the structure of the Dodgem track

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