Cable and parts

CABLE – One of the biggest mistakes made by modellers is to use too small a cable for the current being drawn. This is dangerous and can lead to overheating and even fires. Work out the current that each section of your model is drawing and use a suitably rated cable. Always err on the side of safety. All of the following cable is for use with 12 or 13.8volts only.

0.5Amp very thin, 0.75mm diameter, single strand cable ideal for wiring up LEDs in tight places – 10m – £15.

1Amp flexible (7/0.16) cable – just 1mm diameter and particularly suited to wiring up LEDs – 10m for £2.50 (red, black and green available)

1.4Amp rigid (1/0.6) cable – 50m, 5m each of ten different colours – £10.

1.4Amp flexible (7/0.2) cable –50m, 5m each of ten different colours – £10.

3Amp flexible (16/0.2) cable – 40m, 5m each of eight different colours – £10.

4.5Amp flexible (24/0.2) cable –10m, 2m each of five different colours – £10.

6Amp flexible (32/0.2) cable – 10m, 5m each of red and black – £6.

15Amp flexible (30/0.25) cable – 5m of black – £8.

18Swg bare tinned copper wire rated at 10Amps. Specified on MFD models for wiring up LES screw in bulbs – 1.5m – £2.

The simple and safe way to insulate joins in wiring. On heating to 80oC (a soldering iron held close by is usually sufficient) the sleeving shrinks in place to half its original diameter. I stock 1/16th, 3/32nd and 1/8th inch diameter – £1.50/metre.

SPADE TERMINALS – 6BA & 8BA, specified for the MFD Chairoplanes and useful for any model that is to be demountable – 15p each.