Sales items

Set of sixteen etched brass seats and hanger brackets for a juvenile chair-o-plane set – £7/set (no instructions).

Set of two panelled doors, three square and one rectangular window frames in etched brass for a living van – £5/set (no instructions).

Assembled white metal Austin Car Ride – unknown maker – £45 (photo available).

Scratchbuilt side stall with lighting – £45 (photo available)

Corgi die-cast lorries in 1/48th scale –

16501 Scammell Highwayman with box van trailer and living van, boxed mint, Carters livery – £30

CC10203 ERF KV four wheel box van, boxed mint, lettered to Carters Swingboats – £25

27801 Atkinson, upright exposed radiator, eight wheeler with Luton body, lower deck open, boxed mint, lettered to Anderton and Rowland – £15

12601 Foden FG eight wheeler Luton body, boxed mint, lettered to Silcocks – £15

55201 Diamond T with 24 wheel girder trailer and steel casting load, mint boxed, one of the Diamond Ts has been taken, lettered to Pickfords – £15

97334 Atkinson, upright exposed radiator, eight wheeler with platform body and crate load, mint boxed (box is marked), lettered to Lucozade – £10

All sent postage at cost