1/24th and larger scale fairground models

The larger scales offer the opportunity to build fully working and lit fairground rides which can be built up and pulled down just like the real thing. Whilst there are a few kits and many parts available most models will be built from drawings and instructions using plywood, stripwood and metal sheet or strip. Unlike many other hobbies a range of skills is needed – wood and metalwork, soldering and painting. However if you start with a simple model or kit then these skills can be built up as you go along. The amount of time needed to create a fully working, lit and painted ride should not be underestimated. Several hundred hours are needed to make a ride like a Waltzer in basic form. This amount of time and the size of the finished model mean that most modellers only make one or two models in these scales and do not try to create a complete fair. In 1/24th scale a set of gallopers of 40 feet diameter comes out at 0.5m (20”) in diameter. A Waltzer at 50 feet full size will be slightly larger. This is a good manageable size and allows the completed model to be permanently fixed to a baseboard if required and still manhandled through a house door to take to shows. In 1/16th scale the same ride comes out at 0.75m (30”) in diameter and in 1/12th scale one metre (40”) in diameter. In these larger scales the models will need taking apart between exhibitions.

I provide full technical support and advice to anyone buying any of the plans. A sheet detailing mail order suppliers of materials is included with all plans.

Model Fair Designs rides

Full plans and instructions for all the classic British rides – Galloper, Ark, Skid, Chairs, Cakewalk, Waltzer etc.

‘Masterclass’ plans

Plans with limited information and instructions for Big Wheel, Moonrocket, Rock-o-plane, Dodgems and special Arks and Speedways

Complete DRE Designs plus kits and parts

Complete plans, instructions, parts and some kits for a range of rides and side stuff – Helter Skelter, Swingboats, Overboats, Coconut Shie, Striker and round and side stalls.

Fairground organs – plans, kits and parts

Plans for Bruder, Gavioli and Marenghi organs, figures, parts and a kit for a Gavioli organ.

DRE Ride kits and parts

Kits and parts for 1/24th scale Waltzer and Juvenile Rocket rides

Fairground generator kits & parts and lorry parts

Complete Generator kits, generator and lorry parts


Full plans and instructions for Living Van, Showtrac, Articulated and drawbar trailers and Waltzer, Galloper and Ark packing trucks

News and Sales items

New items for the Waltzer ride together with second-hand rides and parts for sale