Round stalls

Although seemingly timeless the round stall only came into popularity in the later Edwardian period – bow topped side stalls or plain tables being used before then. Round stalls are a key element of any fair providing games of skill for both adults and children. In their hey-day pre/post WW11 they, together with side stalls, would have outnumbered rides six to one. This range of kits are very detailed and include the simple but effective roof structure and feature all the popular games set in a range of stall sizes.

16′ 6″ stall with hoop-la game

Well detailed kit of a typical stall with a very traditional game

16′ 6″ stall with hook-a-duck game

Well detailed kit with game still popular with children

16′ 6″ stall with roll-a-penny game

Well detailed with popular pre-decimal game

16′ 6″ stall with pick-a-straw game

Well detailed stall with a favourite ‘prize-every-time’ game

12′ 6″ stall with floor darts game

A well detailed kit for a small stall with a simple game

14′ 9″ stall with roll-up tables

A detailed kit for  a medium sized stall with a popular game of skill

16′ 6″ stall with darts game

A detailed kit with a traditional darts game

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