‘Masterclass’ plans

The ‘Masterclass’ range of plans and parts provide varying amounts of detail from which to build a wider range of rides.  Models have been built from all of these plans and parts.  The plans available for the Moonrocket, Royal Coronation Speedway and Rock-o-plane are almost complete sets.  Those for the Savage spinning top switchback and Dodgem track are just general arrangement drawings with leading dimensions given.  Builders of all of these models will need to have had previous experience of making rides from the MFD range.


Cars are available together with much information about the various makes of Autodromes and conversions from Arks


One of the larger rides of the 1930’s of which one has survived and been fully restored.  A number of models have been made from the plans available.

Royal Coronation Speedway

An elaborate form of the Noah’s Ark


From the Big Wheel family of rides.  Almost complete set of plans available.

Dodgem track

A single sheet drawing for the structure.

Savage Spinning top Switchback

The Victorian ride.  Two sheets detailing the major parts.

Ark variants

Four Hill and 1/12th scale variations.

Big Wheel

Basic maker's plans and model parts

Early horse drawn living van - 12' 6" long and larger - 20' long living van

Blueprints of two living vans together with build instructions

Electric travelling Scenic Railway

Eight Blueprints for a typical Electric Scenic Railway


Various patents, plans and magazine articles from which it is possible to make a fully working and lit model Twist

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