Royal Coronation Speedway

Seven sheets of plans and five pages of instructions covering this twenty platform ride. The plans include two new A3 sheets detailing the centre truck which now uses the bevel gear drive used in the Super Disco Waltzer (MFD3SD) and Speedway (MFD12) models. The rest of the plans are not fully dimensioned and knowledge of the MFD1 design is required. Based on the superb ride travelled by Harry Wigfield and now at Folly Farm. Includes sheet 2 of MFD1 detailing the platform – 1/24th scale.

Not built a model like this using plans and instructions before?  Then take at look at what is involved – BUILDING MODELS FROM PLANS

Individual parts

Cast resin ‘horse’ chariot ends – £20 per set of four.

I can supply any machined parts for this ride to order – email/write for prices.