Galloper ride

A series of kits which can either be made as stand alone items or can be made up into a complete fully working galloper ride complete with lighting with the horses rising and falling as in the full size.  There are options to build the model as an adult dobby ride.  The latest batch of 4110 etc kits has now sold out and the next batch will be made when there is sufficient demand.  If you are interested in building the complete model please conact me.  The organs and trailers used with this model are all still available – largely from stock.

Savage centre truck

White metal kit for the heart of the ride with facility for motorising and lighting the model

Organ trailer

A simple white metal kit for the galloper organ trailer

Horse box truck

A detailed white metal and etched brass kit for the horse box

25′ Low height platform trailer

A simple white metal kit for a trailer to carry the heavier parts of the ride

Packing truck

A detailed white metal and etched brass kit of the galloper packing truck

Set of 36 horses

Very finely mastered and cast white metal horses

Roundings, Platform and rods for Galloper and Dobby rides

Full set of parts for the top and platform of the ride with choice of Dobby or Galloper action

Motor drive

Motorising parts for the galloper ride

Lighting pack

Preassembled lighting panel to fit into the top of the ride

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