Galloper rounding, platform and rods

Kits for the top, platform and twisted brasses for adult Dobby or Galloper models. All feature etched brass rounding boards and swifts pre-soldered together. The platform is a one piece resin casting showing all the planking work in detail. The centre and crown shutters are also etched in brass. Complete with a full complement of sixty twisted brass horse and platform rods. The model is assembled using a set of simple jigs which guarantee that the top of the ride is kept concentric with and the correct distance from the platform and centre. The jigs are loaned as required.

To make a complete model you will also need the following kits –
4101 – Centre truck
4102 – Organ truck
Choice of organ – 4001, 4002, 4010 or 4011 (but not 4029 which is too large)
Transport – Horse box – 4103, Packing truck 4105 and low height trailer 4104
4106 – set of 36 horses
Details and prices of these are given on other pages on this website

The model comes in four forms –
Static adult Dobby – the ride does not rotate and the horses do not rise and fall – Kit 4107.
Working Adult Dobby – the ride rotates but the horses do not rise or fall – Kit 4108.
Static Galloper ride – Kit 4109.
Working Galloper ride – the ride rotates and the horses ‘gallop’. Turned brass horse rod bearings for the platform and a cam base which makes the horses ‘gallop’ are provided – Kit 4110.

The working models require the motor drive kit – 4111 which includes a high quality motor gearbox unit, motor mount and coupling.

Lighting can be provided on any of the kits by using the lighting kit – 4112.

Top and platform for a static adult Dobby set – Kit no.4107 – £128.90
Top and platform for a static Galloper set – Kit no.4108 – £129.75
Top and platform for a working adult Dobby set – Kit no.4109 – £130.55
Top and platform for a working Galloper set – Kit no.4110 – £233
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