A bit about us

Doug Roseaman Engineering was founded in 1987 when I was made redundant. Initial work was consultancy for the passenger transport and material supplies industries but this soon changed to full time design and modelmaking with an emphasis on the fairground. The initial range of fairground models which I designed in 1/24th scale complemented Vic King’s Model Fair Designs (MFD) rides and were also made available as kits. As trade built up I acquired the 1/24th scale generator and organ kits from Brian Parks’ Scaledown Models with his 4mm and Dolls House ranges following a few years later. The copyright of Bernard Murdock’s ‘Fairground Library’ series of fairground drawings from the 1950’s and 1960’s was also acquired and some have been brought up to date and republished. When Vic King decided to retire from making parts for the MFD range I took that work over to add to what I was already doing for modellers.
At the turn of the century I bought the rights to the MFD range of designs from John Maundrell at Carousel Carpentry and Vic King kindly gave me to rights to all his unpublished designs – some of which I completed and released and the rest are available in the ‘Masterclass’series.
Over the years the models produced have expanded across all the popular scales from 1/76th, through 1/48th and 1/24th to 1/12th and larger. I designed programmed electronic lighting controllers for bulbs and LED’s and these have featured on many models including the Sellwood’s Supreme Waltzer which won the best Waltzer ever award at the Long Eaton model show some years ago.
Over the years I have helped modellers build ‘specials’ including Caterpillar, Flying Carpet, Autodrome, Miami, Twist, Jets, Juveniles etc. and I have an extensive library which includes, thanks to Paul Braithwaite, all the UK patents relating to fairground rides and attractions and many maker’s or other modelmaker’s drawings. So if you want to build something different do ask – I can usually help. I was also able, with the kind permission of the late Sir William McAlpine, to copy his microfilms of Savage drawings and make these more widely available. To these I was able to add microfilms of other Savage drawings in private collections.
In between times I contribute a quarterly article to the Fairground Mercury and articles and material to many other publications.
I am a lifelong model maker, fairground and transport enthusiast and a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.