Light Emitting Diodes


Many fairground modellers now use Light Emitting Diodes to illuminate their models. They are easy to control and their low current demand means that programmed flasher boxes and power supplies are relatively cheap. I have devised a system of using them in series strings of 5 off of a 12volt DC regulated power supply. Each string requires a resistor to limit the current drawn to only .01amps (10mA). Thus 500 LEDs can be run off of a one amp power supply.

3mm LEDs are the correct scale size for a 3” light bulb scaled down to 1/24th. 5mm LEDs will suit larger scale models.

Many LEDs available today are far too bright and focused for use on the model fair. The LEDs I supply are of a suitable intensity which I have matched across all colours and they have a good viewing angle.

3mm diameter LEDs –
Red -18p each.
Orange – 22p each.
Green – 20p each.
Yellow 19p each.
Blue – 50p each.
White – 80p each.
5mm diameter LEDs –
Red – 28p each.
Orange – 28p each.
Yellow – 28p each.
Resistors to suit 13p each – state LED type and voltage when ordering.
Prices are currently very volatile – please check with me before ordering