Pans, bootscrapers and companion sets


In the days before steel and stainless steel became common cast iron and brass were the materials of choice for items around the home. These materials were very durable and items made from them lasted well into the era when they were considered antique and collectable.

The bootscrapers come in two design. The freestanding to be placed next to a street door and the inset type. The latter comes as two parts – an outer section with scraper bar and an inner ‘shell’ which is set into the face of the building. Whilst painted black, as befitted their use, the inset bootscraper features a ‘scroll’ pattern cast into its outer face. Many inset bootscrapers survive ‘in-situ’ in the facades of Georgian houses next to the street doors they served. Fewer of the freestanding versions survive as they were prone to damage.

The set of four heavy bottomed skillet pans come with nicely detailed handles. Heavy bottomed pans were, and still are, essential in providing even heat to their contents. The four sizes nest neatly. Painted matt black.

The Companion Set was an essential fireside feature for any home heated by open fires. The four tools provided were poker, shovel, brush and tongs. These hang from the four way fork mounted on the centre pole which has a heavy base to stop accidental upsetting. The tools are all neatly cast in white metal and painted gold to mimic the brass of the originals.

Bootscrapers painted black –
Freestanding – £4.58
Inset – £9.80
Set of four heavy bottomed skillet pans – £17.23
Companion set – £9.75