Complete DRE designs plus kits and parts

The Doug Roseaman Engineering range of designs was started to complement the rides available in the MFD range.  Whilst using the same methods and materials as the MFD range they are generally simpler models and an ideal starting point for beginners to the hobby.  Kits are available for some of these models making their construction even easier and far swifter.

Side stalls

An essential part of any fair.  Able to be built in various lengths to suit space available.


A very simple model available as a kit and suited as a starter project for a beginner


One of the oldest rides and still popular today – available as a kit as well as drawings

Round Stalls

Another essential feature of any fair – available as a kit as well as plans

Coconut Shie

A timeless game of skill – available as a kit or plans


An old time ride of which only one bay survives

Helter Skelter

A landmark for any fair – fully detailed using dimensions from the full size ride

Austin Car Ride

A popular post war juvenile ride

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