1/76th scale fairground models

1/76th scale modelling is ideal for those with limited space or minimal workshop facilities. In this scale a large fairground can be created on a three foot by two foot (1m x 600mm) baseboard (225’ x 150’ full size) and a smaller one would be an excellent adjunct to a model railway. This scale is also that used by many railway modellers working in ‘OO’ gauge and products from model railway companies can be used when creating fairground layouts. My models are supplied as kits which can be put together with epoxy glue and go together quite quickly and then be painted as desired. I spend a great deal of time researching new models and in designing the kits. The materials used – white metal, etched brass, resin, plastic and machined metals are selected as appropriate to give accurate models. All models are made specifically for the British fairground.

If you are new to making up kits I suggest starting with something simple – maybe an organ or generator set – and once you have mastered the techniques involved and become familiar with the materials used move onto something more complex.

Fairground organs

Five simple organ kits ranging from a small Chiappa to a large Marenghi

Generator sets

Four generator sets which would have seen use from the 1930’s to the present day.

Galloper ride

A series of kits from which to build a fully working and lit Galloper and its transport

Juvenile rides

Six juvenile rides ranging from the Victorian to the present day.  All can be motorised

Scammell Pioneers

Six kits based on the short and long wheelbase chassis with recovery or fairground bodies.

Scammell Showtracs

Four versions of the immediate post-war Scammell including the classic Showtrac

Round stalls

Kits for seven round stalls in three sizes and with different games

Rides and ride parts

Full Cakewalk and Swingboat kits and parts for Moonrocket, Jets and Monte Carlo Rally

Living vans and trailers

Kits for two traditional living vans and four heavy duty fairground trailers


Parts from which to build a highly detailed traditional Dodgem track, including cars, paybox and railings

Side stuff

Kits for a very detailed coconut shie and striker including figures

Die-cast and kit conversions

Complete kits, conversion parts and details to enhance die-cast models and plastic kits

Parts including wheels and tyres

Wheels and tyres, transfers, detailing parts and accessories for the model fair

4mm - 1/76th Scale News and Sales Items

News and Sales Items