Early horse drawn living van – 12′ 6″ long and larger – 20′ long living van

These two blueprints were drawn by B B Murdock in 1957.  He was something of an expert on horse-drawn vehicles and contributed a number of articles to the model press on the subject.  The drawings are therefore very well detailed.  Whilst drawn to 1/24th scale full size dimensions are given so that it is simple to make the vans in any scale you wish.  These two blueprints were amongst the earliest drawings he produced as part of his ‘Showland Library’ series.  I acquired the copyright to the whole series from him in 1991 and am pleased to be able to make them available again.

Apart from the blueprints of the vans I am including the three ‘Process Sheets’ he drew to go with them.  These give details of how to make the vans and also how to make model wooden wheels.

Two blueprints of living vans together with three ‘process’ sheets’ of instructions – £32

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