Big Wheel

Two A3 size general arrangement maker’s drawings for a Big Wheel.  Details of mechanism and trailer are not included.  Dimensioned in full size so that the model can be built in any scale.  A number of extremely fine Wheels have been built from these drawings and the parts I supply.


Not built a model like this using plans and instructions before?  Then take at look at what is involved – BUILDING MODELS FROM PLANS

Individual Parts

Seats – cast in white metal and consisting of seat, two sides, a back and two step sides.  An etched brass step and brass or nickel silver rods for the safety bar and step hinge are supplied.  Very finely cast and easy to assemble with glue or solder.  The step, once assembled, folds back into the car as on the full size ride.  Set of twelve cars – £110.

Seat bearings and rope carriers cast in brass – consisting of 24 pin brackets to fit to the end of the wheel’s arms and 24 matching socket brackets to fit to the sides of the seats.  The 12 rope carriers fit onto the outer ends of the arms to take the drive rope.  Set of 24 pin brackets, 24 socket brackets and 12 rope carriers all finely cast in brass for strength – £205.