Super Disco Speedway

Another ride from the Noah’s Ark family.  The model has a four-wheel centre and the same high quality motor/gear drive as found in the Super Disco Waltzer. The design uses a flat ceiling, tapered oval paybox and canopy over the front steps.  Details of multi-channel lighting are included.
In 1/24th scale the model is 650mm (25 1/2″) in diameter.

MFD12 Super Disco Speedway drawings and instructions – £48

Not built a model like this using plans and instructions before?  Then take at look at what is involved – BUILDING MODELS FROM PLANS

Individual Parts

I supply the following parts for the Speedway model. Part numbers are those shown on the MFD drawings.  These parts are for the bevel geared version – if you are using the contrate geared version please contact me with your requirements.
Set of 16 machined wheels, axles and LEGO tyres – £67.  Alternatively our turned Nylatron wheels (see latest plans for details) – £50.40 for 16.
Brass platform arm to cheese pin brackets – £5.50 for 16 – neatly etched to shape with holes perfectly formed.
5 – Base boss – £52
7 – Bearing ring – £30
9 – Cheese boss – £52
10 – Cheese – £72
11 – Retainer ring – £30
12 – Paybox flange – £54
Oilite washer – £6
Pair of bevel gears – £12.  Bored to suit and with grub screw fitted for a further £22.
3/8” brass tube – £16 a length machined. If you buy your own tube please send it with your order for the bushes as they must be bored to fit
Airpax Motor – £64
Aluminium from which to make the motor mount £9
CHARIOT ENDS – nicely carved cast resin ‘dragon style’ chariot ends for the MFD1 and 2 models. Each chariot end is £5.
PILLAR TOPS – two designs of tops for the front pillars.
The first have white metal end covers – you make up the piece in between yourself – £10 for set of eight.
The second are cast resin and fit directly over the tops of the pillars – £3.50 each.
1/24th scale – 76mm x 27mm – £3.50 each.
1/16th scale – 111mm x 36mm – £5.50 each.
1/12th scale – 174mm x 60mm – £8 each.