Flying Coaster

The design is based on a Pollard built Coaster. The full size ride (Coaster FC19) was measured up by Vic King when it was owned by Billy Irvin and only a few years old. The design is a combination of work by Vic and myself.

Whilst the Coaster first came to the UK in the 1960’s it was not until the 1970’s that it became popular on the travelling fairground and some examples continue to travel forty years later. In 1/24th scale the model is 650mm (26″) diameter x 190mm (8″) high.
Despite being highly detailed, close to the prototype and fully demountable, if required, the model is straightforward to build and uses a minimum of special parts. Those who like fairground transport will be pleased to find a well detailed centre truck and paybox, both of which can be used as display pieces in their own right. The drive in the model is based upon the very successful, quiet and easily controlled arrangement used in the MFD3SD Waltzer.

Full details of lighting; static or controlled; using filament bulbs or Light Emitting Diodes is given. I supply any machined parts required as well as packs of items which are not easy to buy in small quantities. Jigs can be hired to speed the building of the model.

The drawings and instructions consist of 33 A4 pages of instructions and 8 A4 and 29 A3 drawings. All of these are bound into a ‘Building Handbook’.

FLYING COASTER – MFD15 full set of plans and instructions – £64
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Individual Parts


To simplify ordering and supply of the ‘special’ materials needed for this model I am supplying packs of materials.

Includes all items marked ‘DRE’ in sections 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 of the instructions – motor/gearbox unit, metal for motor mount, pair of bevel gears, machined bushes, machined bearing washer, machined tubes, machined post and tube fitted.  Sheet brass from which to make the arm hinge plate and sheet Tufnol from which to cut the various slip ring and pick up parts. Pick up spring brass, insulating sleeves, cable, solder tags, heatshrink sleeving for electrical joints and slip rings. Steel strip for the front and rear springs. Engine grille.
Pack 1 of materials for filament bulbs (with four slip rings) – £303.
Pack 1 of materials for LEDs (with one slip ring) – £292.
Pack 1A (for those who are able to machine all of their own components) – £193 (filament bulbs) and £182 (LEDs).

Includes all items marked ‘DRE’ in sections 12 and 13 of the instructions – aluminium box section (to cut into channel), wheels and tyres, wheel retaining rivets, springs, aluminium for wheel carriers and spring arms.
Pack 2 of materials – £69.

Includes all items marked ‘DRE’ in section 14 of the instructions – bulbs, cable, solder tags, lighting drum, lighting drum boss, connector blocks and enough heatshrink sleeving for any joints.
Pack 3 of materials – £236.
Pack 3A (for those who can machine the lighting drum and boss) – £196.
Other items you may wish to purchase to complete the filament bulb lighting on the model –
Mains to 12volt transformer – £150. TP4 programmed lighting controller – £230.

Includes all items marked ‘DRE’ in section 15 of the instructions – LEDs, resistors, cable, solder tags, lighting drum boss, connector blocks and enough heatshrink sleeving for any joints.
Pack 4 of materials – £220.
Pack 4A (For those who can machine their own lighting drum boss £198).
Other items you may wish to purchase to complete the LED lighting on the model –
Mains to 12volt regulated power supply with short circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage protection – £40. Two PLED2/4 lighting controllers – £182.

I have produced four jigs to use when making the model. These are detailed in the instructions. Please only ask for a jig when you are ready and able to use it and return it within seven days. There are two charges for the jigs – the first is a returnable deposit the second a charge to cover hire (postage and admin). Please send one cheque to cover the deposit on the jig – I will return this cheque when the jig has been safely received back here. Please send a separate payment in second class stamps for the hire.
JIG1 – Baseboard marking out jig – deposit – £50. Hire charge – £15.
JIG2 – Lighting boss – drum base drilling jig – deposit – £20. Hire charge – £8.
JIG3 – LED hole jigs for use on the arms and paybox – deposit – £20. Hire charge – £10.
JIG4 – LED hole jig for use on the lighting drum – deposit £20. Hire charge – £9.