This ride was first seen in the UK in the 1930’s and offered a fast and noisy ride. The cars run on a level steel track with some degree of car control in the hands of the rider. There are several still travelling today. The design includes details of both 1930’s and 1960’s decoration. The drive is based around Meccano parts.
In 1/24th scale the model is 620mm (24¼”) in diameter.

SILVER JUBILEE SKID OR SWIRL – MFD7 – full set of plans and instructions – £40
Not built a model like this using plans and instructions before?  Then take at look at what is involved – BUILDING MODELS FROM PLANS

Individual Parts

I supply the following parts for the MFD7 Skid/Swirl model in 1/24th scale.
½” diameter motor pulley – £12; Pair of hook plates made with bosses to ease fitment – £45; set of 32 castor wheels – £30. 21 later Lego wheels and tyres with instructions for fitting – £87.60 or our new Nylatron wheels at £66.16.