Introduced from Germany and offering a fast ride. The 32 seats are hung from chains and swing out freely as the ride speeds up. Still popular abroad with several sets operating here today. The ride builds up from a simple base plate. The design includes the Bruder organ (MFD11).
In 1/24th scale the model is 390mm (15½”) in diameter and 300mm (12”) high.

CHAIROPLANES AND BRUDER STYLE ORGAN – MFD8 full set of plans and instructions – £48
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Individual Parts

I supply the following parts for the MFD8 set of Chair-o-planes in 1/24th scale. Part numbers are those shown on the MFD drawings.

Bevels – £6.50/pair.
Motor – £10.
12 – Lower bearing – £34.
1911 pinion – £1.60.
13 – Lower drive shaft and bearing – £34.
6 – Piece of Tufnol – £2.
Set of 36 etched brass seats and hangers – £45.
27 – Turned brass hook ring – £23.
7 -Top anchor block – £52.
Plastic push on pulley for drive shaft and turned brass pulley for motor shaft – £8/pair.
18 – 1½” length of 3/32” bore silicone rubber tube – 50p.

I also supply a kit for the organ that fits this ride. It has a finely carved and cast resin Bruder front and a die cut plywood frame, wooden supports and finely cast white metal bandmaster, pipe ranks, drum & cymbal. An 8 ohm speaker is supplied to fit inside the case. Very simple screw and glue assembly, requiring no drilling, sawing or soldering
38 piece kit complete with illustrated instructions – Bruder organ kit F11B – £56.