News and sales

1/24th scale sales

NOAH’S ARK SPEEDWAY - Built c. 1993 by the late Alan Morton with mechanism by Doug Roseaman Engineering. Has LED lighting driven by a DRE Sound to Light controller. Complete with power supply for lighting. Alan used it for twenty years for very successful fundraising in Norfolk. All working but will benefit from an overhaul and updating. Offered at just £1,100.

Noah's Ark - built from MFD plans and fully demountable.  LED and filament bulb lighting.  A well detailed model with good paintwork which runs very nicely.  A little tlc would see this ride ready for exhibition  - £1,300.

4mm - 1/76th scale sales

Langley kits which I have taken in part exchange for my own kits and now available at substantially less than current retail prices -

Dodgem track kit Q1 - £70 (RRP £101.45)
Waltzer kit Q34 - £90 (RRP £139.70)
Ark Kit (started) Q22 - £75 (RRP £139.75)
For those not familiar these kits are made from white metal castings, brass etchings and plastic vacuum formings.  All require a good level of skill.  All can be motorised and I can advise if required.

Postage at cost.

1/24th scale news

I am progressively updating and upgrading the MFD3SD Waltzer design and, in the process, making available new parts. Nylatron platform wheels and one piece car bearings have been available for some time and are well proved in service. These considerably simplify the building and operating of the ride. See Waltzer page for details.
The latest new item is a complete kit for the front steps

Waltzer steps
The steps are made up from 0.5mm thick etched brass steps and risers mounted on laser cut MDF step supports. These steps are a perfect fit on the MFD3SD Waltzer design and considerably simplify making up the complex geometry of the steps. 3mm diameter holes are etched into each step riser to allow 3mm LEDs to be mounted directly. Alternatively the holes can be backed with clear or coloured translucent sheet and ‘floodlights’ mounted behind the step units. This simpler approach is one used on some full-size machines. A further option is possible because loose half etched strips are provided for each riser. These have 3mm discs etched into the front surface which mate with the 3mm holes in the risers. You can either paint each disc the colour of your choice of for simplicity spray the whole strip red, orange or white and then glue in place behind the risers.

Complete set of steps with illustrated instructions – £49.50.