Originally released over 20 years ago and now available again as a series of part kits.  A number of these Moonrockets were built up into fully working rides and now grace the exhibition circuit.

4201 – Set of twenty cast white metal gates.  These have the correct framework and also have locators for shutters cast in – Two full sets available at £38.50 each and other parts sets at £30.

4202 – Set of eighteen cars with two nose cones and tail fin sections.  The cars are finely cast in resin with door, door handle and seat detail faithfully reproduced – £32.89.

4203 – Set of front steps.  Hand cast in resin from brass patterns with nice sharp edges – £19.80.

4204 – Centre base with Plasticard sleepers – £49.50.

4205 – Globe with world cast in – £38.50.

4206 – Platform on which the cars sit – £49.50.

MFD16M 1/24th scale basic plans and instructions for the Moonrocket from which you can construct the structure and ‘house’ of the ride – £39.60.

The parts in kits 4204, 5 & 6 are machined ready to be used in a working model and I can provide advice on how to do this.