Patented in 1907 the Cakewalk is one of those machines that offer a challenging ride for the punter and a spectacle to potential customers. The walkways down either side of the machine are mounted on cranks and the rotation of these causes the walkways to rise, go forwards, fall and go back. Riders have to overcome these conflicting motions as they try to make their way forward.
The kit features a white metal carved front and details, etched brass walkways and panelling and plastic and brass structure. Cloth is provided for the roof tilt. A full set of transfers and instructions is included.
The Chiappa organ (Kit 4011), available separately, was designed to fit the Cakewalk and is located on the platform.

The ride can be motorised and I have now supplied a number of motorising units for customers’ rides. This unit comprises a fully assembled motor/gearbox and crank unit which replaces the centre of the ride. This additional motorising unit needs to be purchased at the same time as the Cakewalk kit and built into the ride as it is built.

Cakewalk kit nol.4021 – £118.80
Additional motorising unit kit no.4021A – £168.45