Scammell Showtrac

The last purpose-built showmans lorry dating from 1945. Using a standard chassis most were fitted with Gardner engine, engine driven generator, winch and enclosed coachbuilt body. The model uses the same basic materials and build methods as the rest of the MFD range. The chassis can be made from wood or brass. In 1/24th scale the lorry is 205mm (8″) long x 96mm (4″) wide x 107mm (4″ high). Many parts are available for this design together with jigs which will help you form the wheelarches.

Not built a model like this using plans and instructions before?  Then take at look at what is involved – BUILDING MODELS FROM PLANS

Individual Parts


Wheels cast in White metal – set of two front and two rear complete with two rear hub caps – £34.  These use the WHL3 rubber tyres available from W. Hobby Ltd.

Radiator, pair of headlamps, pair of sidelamps and set of four bonnet side handles – all cast in white metal. The radiator surround and lamp rims can be polished back to bare metal after painting to look like the metal finish used on the full size lorry – £11.20.
Engine – the engine block is cast in resin for lightness and reproduction of detail; all fittings are in white metal. Fuel, oil and water pipes are supplied – £44.
Switchboard – the switchboard is cast in white metal – £10.50.
Generator – the generator consists of an aluminium tube with white metal end covers, vent covers and support brackets – £10.90.

Hardwood – Lime which is really nice to carve to shape for the curved parts below –
5.5 x 44 x 92 – cab roof – £3; 8 x 37 x 42 – bonnet top – £3.
14.5 x 82 x 92 – body roof and spacer block – two pieces – £8.

Machined parts – Winch rollers – £13 pair; Generator Pulleys – £15 pair.


Rigid Front axle – £16; Front axle spacers – £8 pair.
Rear axle – £16; Rear axle spacers – £8 pair; Rear axle casing – £17.


Brass sections – ¾” x 3/16” – rear drawbar core – £5.
Aluminium strip – 1” x 3/8” – rear springs – £5.
Axles and chassis parts –
Rigid Front axle – £23; Front axle spacers – £8 pair.
Rear axle – £16; Rear axle spacers – £8 pair; Rear axle casing – £17.
Brass crossmember – £12.
Steering front axle – £26; Axle spacers – £8 pair; Axle and kingpin posts with pins – £145/vehicle set.


Deposit on each jig is £100.
Hire of jigs is £10 for each jig plus Royal Mail Special Delivery postage of £8.55.
Please send cheque for £100 (returnable on safe return of jig) plus cheque for £18.55 for hire charge/postage. Jigs must be returned here by Royal Mail Special Delivery with a value of £100.
1 – Rear mudguards – wooden.
2 – Rear mudguards – brass.
3 – Front Mudguards.
4 – Rear wheelarch moulding.