Early horse drawn living van – 12′ 6″ long and larger – 20′ long living van

These two blueprints were drawn by B B Murdock in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  In 1991 I acquired the copyright to the whole series of drawings he produced under the ‘Showland Library’ name and am pleased to be making these drawings more generally available again.  Bernard Murdock was something of an expert in matters of horse drawn vehicles and contributed a number of articles to the model press on the subject.  The drawings are therefore well detailed.

The drawings are of an early horse drawn 12’6″ long van with a single room and of a two room van which is 20′ long.  Whilst drawn to 1/24th scale full size dimensions are provided so that the van can be modelled in any scale.  A single large blueprint is provided for each van together with three of the ‘Process Sheets’ of instruction that he issued to help modellers make the vans.  One sheet covers the 12’6″ van, another covers the 20′ van whilst the last covers the making of wooden wheels suitable for the two models.

Two blueprints and three process sheets for the two living vans – £32/set