1/24th Scale 89 Key Gavioli Organ Kit

A complete kit for an 89 key Gavioli organ, based in part, on that once owned by Lawrence Silcox and on other Gavioli organs of similar size.

Whist this is a large organ- both in terms of number of keys and volume – the case is relatively modest and the front measures 155mm x 90mm – 6″ x 3 1/2″.  This is just small enough to sit in the centre of a 1/24th scale set of gallopers which it will perfectly complement.

The front is hand cast in resin from hand and machine made patterns.  The case is made from good quality ply and stripwood.  The three figures, two ranks of pipes, drum and cymbal and their supports are finely cast in white metal.  A strip of LEDs is used to illuminate the inside of the organ case and this is supplied ready wired up.  The kit is simple to assemble and four pages of illustrated instructions are included.