Fairground lorry parts

All finely etched in 0.5mm thick brass giving excellent detail which will finish off any model lorry.  Available in 1/12th, 1/16th and 1/24th scales except the Albion which is not available in 1/24th scale.

‘Foden’ the scrolly design found on many Foden lorries right from the beginning.

‘Diesel’ in a scrolly style to match the ‘Foden’ above used from the earliest Fodens through into the 50’s.

‘LEYLAND’ in a similar style to the Scammell on the tops of my radiators.

‘SHOWTRAC’ to fit beneath the Scammell on the Showtrac radiator.


Atkinson – the ‘A’ in the ring design found on many Atkinson radiators.

1/12th scale – £2 each
1/16th scale – £1.50 each
1/24th scale – £1 each
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