1/24th scale Waltzer kit

The kit is based on the legendary MFD Waltzer design of which thousands have now been built.  I have owned the copy and design rights to that design for over fifteen years and been producing Waltzers and Waltzer parts for over thirty.  All of that experience has gone into the design and manufacture of this kit.

The kit builds up into a magnificent fully working and lit model.  Full advantage has been taken of modern manufacturing methods and the highest quality materials are used throughout.  The kit can be put together without the need for specialist skills or facilities.

There are several options possible in building the model – for instance a cut out top front board or the solid one shown and there is a choice of lighting colours – warm white, orange, red or blue.

1/24th SCALE WALTZER KIT – The latest batch has now sold out and I am taking expressions of interest (no deposit required) for the next batch.  The last batch were £1,180 each.  Inevitably, the next ones will be rather more expensive.  Price will be advised once I have enough orders to put the next batch into production.  Please contact me if you are interested.

If you want to get on with the Waltzer model now then consider building from plans and instructions.  This offers a cheaper alternative with the ability to customise the ride to meet your own requirements – see Waltzer

Individual Parts


Also see Waltzer page (Under MFD designs) for many more parts for the Waltzer model.