LED Lighting

LIGHT EMITTING DIODES – The 3mm LED is correct scale size for a 3” light bulb scaled down to 1/24th.

When it comes to wiring up LEDs for model work I have devised a system of using them in series strings of 5 off of a 12volt DC regulated power supply.  Each string requires a resistor to limit the current drawn to only .01amps (10mA).  Thus 500 LEDs can be run off of a one amp power supply.

More details on LEDs are to be found in the Lighting Booklet.  I also supply a leaflet on wiring up LEDs with each LED controller order.  I also loan out a sample board which shows how I wire up LEDs and allows you to see what they look like.  You will need a 12volt regulated DC power supply to supply the board.  Send a cheque for £10 and ten second class stamps for the loan of a sample board.  I will return the cheque when the board is returned.

Light Emitting Diodes – Good quality with a wide viewing angle.  Available in 3mm and 5mm diameters as follows – 3mm red – 18p, 3mm orange – 22p, 3mm green – 18p, 3mm yellow – 30p each, 3mm blue – 50p each and 3mm white 80p each – these are intensity matched to the other colours.

5mm red – 28p; 5mm orange – 28p; 5mm green – 28p; 5mm yellow – 28p each.

Resistors to suit 13p each – state LED type and voltage when ordering.

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