MFD18 Articulated & drawbar trailers

MFD18 consists of the following sets of drawings and instructions –
1 – A single axle 31’ (9.4m) long trailer with low drop centre bed and twin 42mm diameter (i.e. lorry size) wheels.  The trailer is carried on very detailed leaf springs but instructions are also given for a simple suspension system.  Included is a drawing of a set of landing legs and jacks which allow the trailer to be lifted clear of the ground and levelled for use.  These can be adapted for the other trailers.  Will suit a Big Wheel, Coaster, Satellite, Rock-o-Plane or Looper. 
2 – A twin axle 42’ (12.7m) long trailer with a drop centre bed, a choice of simple leaf spring or air bag suspension and twin 31 or 42mm diameter wheels.  The sides of the trailer bed are made from channel section metal for ease of fitting gates, sleepers or fold out platforms.  Will suit a Dive Bomber, Twist, Jump and Smile or Waltzer.
3 – A twin axle 50’ (15.2m) long trailer with straight through framework bed, simple leaf spring suspension, removable bogie and choice of twin 29 or 42mm diameter wheels.  The sides of the trailer bed are again made from channel.  Ideal for a lifting Paratrooper or Meteorite but will also suit an Arcade, Dodgems, Orbiter, Matterhorn or Miami.
4 – A drawbar dolly carried on detailed leaf springs but instructions are also given for a simple suspension system.  Twin 29, 31 or 42mm diameter wheels may be fitted giving turntable heights from 37mm up to the standard artic fifth wheel height.
MFD18 articulated and drawbar trailers and drawbar dolly – 18 A3 drawings and fully detailed instructions with lists of suppliers and the usual technical support – £46 inc. UK p&p.

MFD18 42' tariler

The first photo shows the 42′ trailer stripped of its rear bogie and sat on the ground to form the basis of the Rock-o-Plane ride.



MFD18 50' trailer The second photo shows the 50′ trailer with lifting paratrooper ride.





Note – full details of the trailers are included in the plans – the rides are not – please contact me if you want to build either the Paratrooper or Rock-o-Plane rides.  I have some plans for both – but not complete sets and you will be working largely from scratch.

This set of plans provides designs for three different length and bed height articulated trailers to suit most rides currently in use.  The drawbar trailer is still very much with us and I have therefore included a design for a dolly which allows any of the trailers to be used as a drawbar trailer.
Across the designs there are three different wheel diameters, single and double axle versions and a choice of leaf or air bag suspension.  These can be ‘mixed and matched’ between the trailer designs to provide a wide range of different trailers.  Each trailer can be made with a standard height fifth wheel turntable to suit models of artic tractors or to suit a low height dolly.
The designs are intended to form the base from which modellers will build up their own working rides and are therefore sturdily constructed from wood and metal.


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