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4075 comp
The Foden S24 was produced from 1964 and like the Mickey Mouse Foden S21 before it became a popular choice for Showmen. This was the first tilt cab Foden and featured rectangular headlamps which were also used on other contemporary lorries. By the time these lorries came onto the fairs at the end of the 60’s and into the 70’s we start to see trailer mounted rides either in artic or drawbar form. This model is based on the artic version and is provided with an enclosed generator behind the cab.

The kit uses the excellent die-cast EFE Foden S24. Compared to other lorries in the EFE range the S24 cab has appeared on very few models and not yet on a six wheel chassis. This kit is therefore converted from the eight wheeler. Kit 4075 – £40.80.


My other EFE conversions have all proved popular and there are very few left as follows –

4058 Atkinson Venturer

Atkinson Venturer Kit No. 4058. The six wheel version specially produced for Pickfords most of which ended up on the fairs. I have just four left after that the kit will be withdrawn. Kit 4058 – £35.10.


4057 Atkinson eight wheeler with double deck frame body4059 Atkinson eight wheeler with double deck frame body Atkinson 1960’s Mk1. Kit No. 4057a six wheel version – three left – £34.90.

Kit No. 4059 eight wheel version with Luton style frame body (shown right) – one left – £37.55.
Kit No. 4059a six wheel version with Luton style Dodgem frame body – two left – £37.45.

Apart from the above I have completely run out of the etched frame bodies used on these lorries and there are no trailers (Kit No 4034 or 4035) that used these etchings available either.


Langley – Q34 Waltzer brand new unstarted kit – £90 (RRP £139.70).
Q22 Ark started kit – £75 (RRP £139.75).
Q1 Dodgem Track brand new unstarted kit – £70 (RRP £101.45).
These Langley kits are made from vacuum formed plastic, etched brass and white metal. They are only suitable for very experienced modelmakers.  Over the years I have built examples of all of these kits for customers and very successfully motorised them and can provide details if required.

EFE S24 8wheel tanker complete new and boxed – £13 (RRP £19.95).
‘Original Omnibus’ Corgi single deck half cab Bristol bus – ideal for 50’s or 60’s fairground – £5.
Scale Link – SLF073 Greenhouse etched brass kit – £4 (RRP £13.50).
Scale Link – Girder brass etch – SLF002 – £2 (RRP £9).
Scale Link – SLF031 F31/32 Electric Pylon etched brass kit – £4 (RRP £21.60).
Langley – CIR 4/5 – Cossack Riders & Liberty horses – £6 (RRP £19.15).
W&T – D1 – Modern road repair kit includes trailer mounted compressor ideal for jet ride – £9.

EFE bodies – tanker – 3 for £1, platforms – 2 for £1.
EFE artic tandem platform trailer with roped and sheeted load – £2.50.

Please contact me before sending money.  Postage on standard stock items is £2 per order and at cost on sale items.

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