Lorry kit conversions

4091 AEC Matador 4091 – AEC Matador.  Ex-WWII Matadors with their high ground clearance, winch and four wheel drive were very popular with showmen.  Batches were released from the Army as late as 1968.  The Airfix plastic kit body is opened up by fitting brass canopy hoop sticks so that the two generator sets fitted within can be seen.  Materials for glazing the cab and double skinning the cab roof are included.  A set of civilian headlamps and registrations are also included as are three resin oil drums to stand next to the lorry – £31.50.

4091B pack of eight resin oil drums – £4.85.

4092 Diamond T4092A – Diamond T.  An ex-WWII lorry used on the fairground.  The kit contains a pair of civilian headlamps and registrations and two fully enclosed resin generators with which to convert the Revell plastic kit (not included) – £24.25.


4093 Thorneycroft and Bedford4093A – Thornycroft Amazon.  The Airfix plastic kit has a fully enclosed generator added to make it into a drawbar tractor.  Part are also included to convert the Bedford OX articulated tractor into a box van (Airfix kit not included) – £16.10.

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