Bulb lighting



When selecting the type of bulb for a model you need to work out the total current that the model will need.  Just multiply the number of bulbs by the current rating of each bulb to get this figure.  In general a 1/24th scale model should not need more than 20amps.  Remember that filament bulbs generate heat as well as light.  A model using 20amps at 12volts will consume 240watts and therefore generate as much heat as 2.5 standard 100watt household bulbs.  This is a lot of heat for a model only 20inches (500mm) or so in diameter.

The following numbers of each type of bulb use 20amps – 250 of the 0.08amp or 400 of the 0.05amp.  If you only want a few bulbs to produce a lot of light then use the higher current bulbs.  If you need a lot of bulbs to create a visual effect then use the lower current bulbs.  If you need a lot of bulbs and find that you need more than 20amps on a 1/24th scale model then consider using LEDs.   

LES screw in bulbs suitable for models from the MFD and DRE range of drawings.    

14Volts 0.05Amps – £55 per 100; £6 per 10.  This is now the standard bulb I recommend for all MFD designs. 

12Volts .08Amps no. 679 – £88 per 100.  

3mm diameter bulbs with short uninsulated wires 12volt .065amps – £69 per 100.

Quantities over 100 of any type may be ordered at the 100 rate.

7/32nd Whitworth tap and three drills for making holes for LES bulbs – £8 per set.

Aluminium channel for LES bulbs – £8 per metre; pre-cut packs available for each of the MFD designs – see separate section for each design.  


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