Ride parts

8002 Waltzer cars8002 – Set of nine Waltzer cars to use as a load for the 8001 body.  The car backs are etched brass which gives a smooth surface for painting.  The base is resin and stainless steel wire is used for the safety bars.  The kit is completed with white metal and styrene details.

Kit 8002 – Kit of nine Waltzer cars – £26.80

80058005 – A single length of etched brass ride railing in traditional style.  Each piece is a scale 11 feet long.  Thin plasticard or plywood strips can be added to the handrail and bottom runner if required to give scale thickness to these parts.  The instructions include details of how to do this.  These railings are ideal for ride builders or for use as loads on lorries.

Kit 8005 – Single length of ride railing – £1.06; pack of ten railings – £9.20

Skid car8007 – Set of eight Skid cars to use as a load.  The car surrounds, front and rear, are made from etched brass which gives a smooth surface for painting.  The etchings are preformed to shape.  The base of the car is resin and nickel silver rod is used for the safety bar.  White metal clamps for the bar are included together with full instructions for the construction and painting of the cars.  The casters under the car are not modelled.

Kit 8007 – Kit of eight Skid cars – £28.80

8008 – A 1/48th scale plan for an oval ended 64’/80’ x 40’ Dodgem track with full size dimensions shown.  Whilst there are no instructions the plan is simple to follow and most modellers will have their own favourite method of construction and materials which they will use.

Plan 8008 of Dodgem track – £8

8025 – Twelve panels, 17mm high x 46mm, suitable for use around juvenile or adult rides on the model fairground or around the ring in the Big Top or as fencing in the model circus.
  The individual panels have small slots etched into the lower edges and these interlock with matching slots etched into the top of the triangular support pieces.

Kit 8025 – Pack of twelve gates – £14







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