A full set of detailed plans and instructions is available for this model.  Click MFD5 to link to my other website for fuller details.

I supply the following parts for this model –


The following parts are available either individually; in batches which reflect the building order, or all at once. I also produce working centres for those without the time or facilities.   Prices are for 1/24th scale – please ask for prices for other scales.


5 and 15 – Matching centre tubes – £13/pair; 7 – Wooden spacer ring – £9; 20 – No 3 shaft bearing – £14; 43 – Truck base flanges (two off) – £20.40 each; 51 – No 3 shaft – £4; 46 – Machine gear to drawing* – £45; — Fit socket head grub screws to gears* – £10; — RE 385 motor with specially machined pulley fitted – £14.35; Turned brass 1 1/2″diameter pulley for the no3 shaft – £8; Drive belts  – £8 for two. 

*Please send your set of Muffetts gears to me with your order for the above, also your tube if you are buying your own elsewhere.  If you want to save the cost of two lots of postage on the gears you may have the suppliers send them direct to me.  Please let me know to expect them and ask the supplier to put your name on the despatch note.  The price for machining the large gear includes drilling the holes and registered post to you.


13 – Fixed boss complete with hinge – £42; 14 – Chimney flange – £23; 16 – Top bearing ring – £23; 17 – Hook ring – £27;  — Thin brass washer to go under hook ring – £4; 18 – Top collar – £23; Contrate Gear – £45.70 (1/12th scale gear is currently unavailable – please contact me before starting a model in 1/12th scale);  — Fit contrate gear to 13 – £14.50; — Steel collar for no.2 shaft – £7; 56 – Brass washer (1/8” thick) – £7; — ½” bore steel collar for main tube – £5;  — Turned and polished brass ‘capuchon’ – chimney top.  Most sets of gallopers, even those powered by electricity have brass chimney tops.  This feature is not shown on the MFD plans.  These chimney tops are a nice finishing touch to any set of gallopers – £34.   


11 – Ring bearings (set of 12) – £60; 28 – Crank bearings (set of 24) – £45; 32 – Cranks (set of 12) – £140; — Set of 12 nylon pinions – £29; – Silicon tube to join cranks to driving axles, two foot length sufficient for whole ride – £4; — Piece of Tufnol sheet from which to cut both mountings for lighting pick ups – £4; — Spring brass strip for pick ups – £2 per one metre coil. 

Twisted brass is no longer available from Reeves.  I can supply a set of twenty four platform rods at £55 and 36 horse rods at £53.  Nails from which to make platform rod end ‘T’ pieces – 40 for £1.  A full set of 60 dollies for the horse and platform rods is £185. 

Now available are sets of two small and two large diameter wooden wheels for the centre truck in 1/24th scale.  These are hand cast in resin and have the centre sleeve ready fitted – £20 per set.

Produced to order are the cast resin front for the 1/24th scale MFD6 organ used in the ride – £40.

Cast resin horses and cockerels now available from remade patterns and fresh moulds.  These come in two halves – you sand the matting faces to give a good fit before gluing together and then painting.  Set of 36 horses (or 30 horses and six cockerels)
1/24th scale – £240
1/16th scale – £380
1/12th scale – £540

Finely carved cast white metal rounding board joiners. These are the delicate carvings to be found at each end of each rounding board either side of the joins.  Two designs are available. Type ‘A’ has ‘E’ and reversed ‘E’ shapes whilst type ‘B’ tapers down from top to bottom and has space for mirrors to be fitted behind the joiner.  The MFD galloper requires 24 of these joiners.  Set of 24 of either design complete with fitting instructions – £24.

Galloper joiner castings

Galloper joiner castings

I am considering producing resin cast rounding boards in two different designs for the galloper.  These will be highly detailed and complete with all carvings and mouldings – please contact me for details.

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