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Gavioli Organ

F11 GAVIOLI ORGAN (1/24TH SCALE)Fully carved resin moulded front requiring no fretwork.  The front is just over 110mm (4”) square.  Die cut plywood frame, wooden supports and finely cast white metal bandmaster, pipe ranks, drum & cymbal.  The inbuilt 8 ohm speaker is supplied ready wired to a plug which will fit many battery cassette players.  Very simple screw and glue assembly, requiring no drilling, sawing or soldering.
F11 – 38 piece kit complete with illustrated instructions – £36.80; built and painted – £85.

Also available at the same prices with a Bruder style organ front which is slightly narrower at 100mm to suit the Cakewalk and Chair-o-plane designs.

F12 Drum, cymbal and two pipe ranks – £7.80.
13 Bandmaster (34mm tall) and mounting bracket – £5.86.
F15 8 Ohm speaker, four clamps and screws, cable with plug soldered on – £5.65.
F23 ‘Gavioli & Cie’ plate, gold plated – £2; also available as a badge – £3.

Decorative lion’s heads for rounding and header boards and organ fronts – F16 10mm high – 10 for £2.90; F17 12mm high – 6 for £2.90; F18 17mm high – 4 for £2.90.
30 different scrolls for decorating rides and organs.  Cast in white metal with flat backs they are easy to cut and reshape.  Suitable for 1/16th and larger scales – 45p each.  Mixed pack of 15 scrolls – £4.  Send SAE for illustrated sheets.

Full sets of detailed plans and instructions are available for a range of organs.  See my other website –  for the Gavioli fitted into the Gallopers.  for the magnificent Marenghi and box trailer.  for the small Bruder used in the Cakewalk and Chairs.

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