Organ figures

1/24th scale organ figures

F13 bandmaster accompanied by the F14 girls which are suitable for 1/24th scale fairground organs.  The figures are finely cast in white metal.  The girls are available with right hand up or down and with a choice of bell or gold plated cymbals – please specify which you require when ordering.  F13 and F14 – £5.86 each.1/16th scale organ figures

F5 bandmaster, F6 girl with bell and the F7 girl with gold plated cymbals.  These figures are 48mm tall, come with separate ‘poseable’ arms and are suitable for 1/16th scale fairground organs.  F5, F6 and F7 – £6.50 each.



CARYATID FIGURES – As used on the Pat Collins ‘Wonderland’ organ.  Very finely cast in white metal these magnificent organ figures are 59mm (2 3/8”) high and are £7.50 each.  Fresh stocks now available. 







F19 ATLANTE FIGURES – 82mm tall designed to fit the pillars of the MFD Noah’s Ark.  The back of the figure is slotted to take the pillars of the ride.  Will also suit many other shows or rides from the Victorian era up to the Second World War.  Now back in stock – beautifully cast in resin £9 each – £36 per set of four.











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