MFD T30 Living Van

MFDT30 Living van

A really superb living van suitable for a riding master.  Typical of the period from 1930 to 1960 the design has a mollycroft roof, belly boxes and end bay window.



In 1/24th scale the model is 330mm (13”) long x 100mm (4”) wide; in 1/16th scale 500mm (19½”) x 150mm (6”); in 1/12th 660mm (26”) long x 200mm (8”) wide and in 1/8th scale 990mm (39”) long x 300mm (12”) wide.

MFD T30 – Showmans Living Van 1/24th scale – £26.50.
MFD T30b – Showmans Living Van 1/16th scale (MFD T30 plus two extra A4 sheets) – £28.
MFD T30a – Showmans Living Van 1/12h scale (MFD T30 plus one extra large sheet) – £30.
MFD T30c – Showmans Living Van 1/8th scale (MFD T30 plus one extra large sheet) – £30.

All prices plus £2 contribution to UK p&p.

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