Striker and Swingboats


A very tall striker 26’ 6” full size – 340mm (13½”) in the fully working model in 1/24th scale.  The kit is quick and simple to make and is recommended to the newcomer to the hobby.
Drawings and instructions – DRES – £10.
Drawings, instructions and kit of materials – DRESK – £58.
Set of 10 etched brass brackets and a spun brass gong (for those just buying the drawings) – DRESE – £9.25.







A set of six adult swingboats.  In 1/24thscale the model is 660mm (26”) long by 230mm (9”) wide x 270mm (10½”) high.  Additional sheets showing further detail and information on variations between different sets of swingboats are available (DRESBA).

Drawings and instructions – DRESB – £18.
Drawings, instructions and kit of materials (including etched brackets) – DRESBK – £108.
Drawings and instructions giving additional details – DRESBA – £5.
Set of 26 etched brass brackets – DRESBE – £6.75 


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