Round and Side Stalls

ROUND STALLS – Full size stalls were measured for this design.  The drawings and instructions cover two sizes of stall in 1/24th scale.  The small stall is 130mm (5¼”) diameter at the base and 190mm (7½”) at the eves (10’ 7” and 15’ 3” in full size).  Decorated in the Markland style with details of the game ‘stick-a-packet’.  The large stall is 180mm (7”) diameter at the base and 270mm (10½”) at the eves (14’ and 21’ in full size).  A more modern style of decoration is shown with a hoopla table.  Both stalls can be finished in a wide range of styles with an equally wide range of games to add variety to the model fairground.  The kit includes over 100 brass brackets needed to make the stall fully dismantleable.
Drawings and instructions – DRERS – £18.
Drawings, instructions and kit of materials for the small stall – DRERSKS – £88.
Drawings, instructions and kit of materials for the large stall – DRERSKL – £98.
Set of 109 etched brass brackets DRERSE – £12.50.







SIDE STALLS – Another completely new set of plans and instructions produced in response to a customer survey.  The drawings and instructions come bound into a complete booklet with full details of suppliers.  Whilst appearing quite simple side stalls are a masterpiece of carpentry, blacksmithing and engineering skills.  The side stall is light, easily transportable, quick and simple to assemble and dismantle and adaptable to a wide variety of games.  The stalls portrayed are typical of those in use from the 1920’s to the present day and can be built as a 10’, 20’ or 30’ run.  Full size stalls use a large number of slotted brackets and as these are quite difficult to make by hand I have had them etched in brass.
Drawings and instructions – DRESS – £19.50.
Set of 58 etched brass slot brackets – DRESSE – £12.


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