Overboats and Coconut Shie

OVERBOATS – Typical of Overboats travelled before the Second World War.  The model operates just like the original and is fully dismantleable for travelling.  The model builds up to a compact 230mm (9¼”) x 430mm (17”) x 360mm (14”) high in 1/24th scale.  The kit includes ready formed cranks and the spindles and the bearings are fully machined.  Because so much of the kit is supplied finished the model builds up
Drawings and instructions – DREOB – £22.
Drawings, instructions and kit of materials – DREOBK – £180.

COCONUT SHIE – The model embodies details from a number of traditional coconut sheets to produce a thoroughly representative design.  The model is 380mm (15”) wide x 254mm (10”) deep but can be built smaller.  The kit includes hand turned nuts and balls.

Drawings and instructions – DRECS – £18.
Drawings, instructions and kit of materials – DRECSK – £135.


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