Masterclass Plans

These plans do not have complete instructions nor are they fully dimensioned, however they do use the same constructional methods as the rest of the MFD range.  Those who have already built a major ride from the MFD designs will be able to understand what is required.  As these designs were produced as the result of a specific request from a model maker at least one completed model has already been built from each of them.  These previously unpublished designs are all fairly special in one way or another and models built from them will be very different to the examples one usually sees at shows.  Please note that these plans are not held in stock and only produced to order with delivery usually in two weeks.

MoonrocketMOONROCKET – four sheets of plans including the centre drive and two pages of instructions.  A number of models have been built from these plans in various scales.  Ten photos of the prototype centre truck will be included – 1/24thscale – MFD16M – £28.


MFD14 – seven sheets of plans and five pages of instructions covering this twenty platform ride.  The plans include two new A3 sheets detailing the centre truck which now uses the high quality motor/gearbox and contrate drive used in the Super Disco Waltzer (MFD3SD) and Speedway (MFD12) models.  The rest of the plans are not fully dimensioned and knowledge of the MFD1 design is required.  Based on the superb ride travelled by Harry Wigfield and now at Folly Farm.  Includes sheet 2 of MFD1 detailing the platform – 1/24
th scale – MFD14M – £42.

Quite detailed 1/24th scale plans of a trailer mounted ride together with photos of the prototype model.  Builders will also need to purchase the plans and instructions for the articulated and drawbar trailers – MFD18 to complete the model.
MFD19M – £50.

Two large general arrangement drawings of the early design of Switchback in 3/8″ and 3/4″ to the foot to allow them to be fitted onto large drawings sheets.   MFD20 – £22.50.

LAKIN SUPER ARK WITH FOUR HILLS – single sheet for use with design MFD2.  Requires MFD1 & 1A.  Half size plan view of trams, sleepers, gratings and roundings with major dimensions and step and gate heights – 1/16th scale – MFD1ALSAM – £9.

NOAH’S ARK SPEEDWAY – two sheets for use with designs MFD1, 2 or 3.  Requires MFD1.  The first sheet details the centre drive which uses the prototypically correct bevel drive from the motor/gearbox to a vertical shaft which then drives the cheese through spur gearing.  This design used the now obsolete Hectoperm motor/gearbox but other motor/gearbox units are available to replace it.  I have built a complete Waltzer centre truck from this design.  The second sheet details the mounts – 1/12th scale – MFD1CM – £18.

LAKIN BEN HUR FOUR HILL CHARIOT RACER ARK – single sheet to be used with designs MFD1 or 2.  Reqires MFD1.  The plan shows the 32 section bottom with dimensions for the steps, gates and stretcher gates – 1/24th scale.  John Girvan’s prize wining model, above, of the Jennings ride was built from this plan – MFD1LBHM – £9.

DODGEM TRACK – a single sheet for an 80’ x 40’ (or 64’ x 40’) traditional oval ended track.  Gives details of the track and roof construction together with the pillars roundings and handrails – drawn half full size for 1/24th scale (i.e. in 1/48th scale) – 8008 – £8.

All of these plans will come with the latest list of suppliers which should help you find any parts needed.  As ever I can help if you get stuck. 


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