Round stalls & Side stuff


Round stalls have been a major part of British fairs since Edwardian times.  At the height of their popularity they outnumbered rides five to one.  At big fairs today there may still be as many stalls as rides.  Adapted to take a wide range of games they come in a range of sizes. The structure of the stall is an excellent example of fairground engineering.  Every part is easily portable and fits together simply to provide a rigid frame with an unobstructed interior.

Each model stall features a true scale structure, a one piece resin shutter with no casting joint lines, white metal castings for the games and tables and a vac formed tilt.  Suitably posed and detailed figures of a stall minder and two players complete each kit.

Round stall hoop-la 40374037 – 16’6” stall with hoop-la game – £19.30.



Round stall hook-a-duck 40384038 – 16’6” stall with hook-a-duck game – £19.30.




Round stall roll-a-penny 40394039 – 16’6” stall with roll-a-penny game – £19.30.





Round stall pick-a-straw 40404040 – 16’6” stall with pick-a-straw game – £19.30.





Round stall floor darts 40414041 – 12’6” stall with floor darts game – £19.30.




Round stall roll-up 40424042 – 14’9” stall with roll-up game – £19.30.





Round stall darts 40434043 – 16’6” stall with dart boards – £19.30.





Pack of three stalls (state which) – £59.50.

4051 contains 30 assorted teddy bears and clowns to use as prizes for the stalls – £12.90.

4009 contains twenty assorted people finely sculpted and cast in white metal – can be used all round the model fair – £15.

Side stuff is the attractions that surround a fair and are an essential part of it.
Striker 4004
4004 – Striker – white metal and brass with players, minder and number transfers for the board – £17.33.

Coconut Shie 4024
4024 – Coconut Shie.  Scale plasticard structure, etched brass ball box and white metal details.  Complete with three players, minder and transfers – £19.65.




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