Juvenile rides

Rides for children have featured on fairgrounds since the very earliest days.  We have a range of old and more modern rides available.

Juvenile rocket ride 40204020 Rocket ride dating from the early 1950’s.  The cars on these rides were made from surplus parachute containers and drop tanks from the Second World War.  The model features white metal cars and details, hand cast and machined resin rocket, vac formed centre cover and etched brass safety gates.  Complete with transfers – £29.95.

4025 – Set of etched brass gates from kit 4020 – £10.25.

Juvenile Austin car ride 40264026 Austin Car ride.  A very popular childrens’ ride.  The kit is made from white metal.  Transfers are supplied for the paybox and to go around the top of the canopy – £31.25.

4026A – pack of six additional cars for 4026 – £12.25.

4071 Juvenile swingboats

4071 Juvenile swingboats – set of four swingboats (adult set of six – kit 4070 shown).  Pre-cut and machined plasticard is used to give a perfectly scale structure.  The boats are finely cast in resin and the steps in white metal – £37.


4055, 4056 and 4073 These hand turned juveniles are typical of those in use from Victorian times and remain popular today. 

Juvenile hand turned horses and peacocks ride 4055The 4055 features horses and peacocks – £56.35.




Juvenile hand turned with horses, peacocks & peacock cars 4056The 4056 has horses, peacocks and peacock cars – £56.35.





Juvenile hand turned chair-o-planes 4073The 4073 is a set of chair-o-planes.  White metal is used for the very finely carved and cast mounts in kits 4055 and 4056 and the base structure of all kits.  Real twisted brass is supplied for the centre pole supports.  The rounding boards and swifts are etched in brass and are supplied fully soldered up and ready to fit.  The chairs are etched in brass and come with eight children.  All kits come with a minder – £55.25.


30 assorted seated children (kit 4027) fit the 4020 and 4026 rides and the peacock cars in 4056 – £13.15.

The 4020, 4055, 4056 and 4073 juveniles may be motorised.  A high quality fully assembled motor/gearbox unit is mounted under the baseboard and drives the model directly.  Because these models require so little power to turn them the same motor can also be used to belt drive other juveniles.  The adapters for the various rides are made with different diameters so that the models turn at different speeds.  Power for these motors can be supplied from a regulated 12volt power supply (available from most high street electrical stores or from me in case of difficulty).  Full details are included in the kit instructions.

Kit 4401 – fully assembled motor/gearbox unit with self assembly mount and adaptor for juveniles – £55.20.

Kit 4402 – Adaptor to belt drive other juveniles ( state which when ordering) – £7.25. 

Kit 4403 Belt tensioner (only needed when belt driving other juveniles) – £12.05.

Kit 4404 Belt (state length required) – £7.25.  

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