Gallopers, Cakewalk & Swingboats


The gallopers have probably been the most popular and enduring ride of the last century.  Developed from the Adult Dobby in the 1880’s this is the ride that everyone associates with the old time fair.  To meet demand a number of new sets have been built in recent years.

The model is of a full 40’ diameter ride and builds up from the centre truck just as in full size and a complete set of trailers to transport the ride is available.  The ride can be built as a static or working Dobby or Galloper.  To make the ride a centre truck 4101, organ truck 4102, organ – choice of 4001, 4002, 4010 or 4011, horses 4106, and choice of ‘final parts’ 4107–10 will be required.  These can be bought and built as time and money permits.

Galloper centre truck 4101 4101 – Savage Centre Truck.  Complete with steam centre and organ engines.  An 80 part kit in white metal, resin, machined metals with drive shaft and lighting slip ring – £52.35.

4101A – Savage Centre Truck kit – for use only as a piece of transport, less drive and lighting parts – £46.


Galloper organ truck 41024102 – Organ truck – white metal with soft rubber tyres – £22.40.



Galloper horse box truck 41034103 – Horse Box Truck.  Etched brass bodywork with white metal platform and details.  Includes brass dividers for the horses and exterior hooks to hold the horse rods – £42.85. 



Galloper low height trailer 4104 4104 – Low Height Trailer.  White metal platform and details with etched belly box doors – £23.50.



Galloper packing truck 41054105 – Packing Truck.  Etched brass bodywork with white metal platform and details.  Complete with brass brackets for horse and platform rods – £41.60.

4106 – Set of 36 horses styled on those produced by Lines Bros.  Finely carved and cast in white metal with much raised work to ease painting.  The holes for the horse rods are accurately cast in.  In keeping with full size the horses come in three sizes – small for the inner row, medium size for the middle row and largest for the outer row – £57.10.

4107 – Final parts for the static Adult Dobby model.  The etched brass Rounding Boards and Swifts are pre-soldered together, the platform is a one piece resin casting showing all the planking work in detail.  The centre and crown shutters are also etched in brass.  Complete with a full compliment of sixty twisted brass horse and platform rods.  The model is assembled using a set of simple jigs which guarantee that the top of the ride is kept concentric with and the correct distance from the platform and centre.  The jigs are loaned as required – £103.90.

4108 – Working Adult Dobby model.  As 4107 but with a machined platform to allow the ride to operate – £104.75.

4109 – Static Galloper ride.  As 4107 – £105.55.

4110 – Working Galloper ride.  As 4108 but with turned brass horse rod bearings and a base to make the horses ‘gallop’ – £183.

4111 – High quality preassembled motor/gearbox unit, mount and drive coupling to operate the working models.  This simple arrangement can be used for many other circular rides – £46.40.

4112 –Ready to install lighting board with 12 bulbs for static or working models – £55.95.

4021 Cakewalk

4021 – Cakewalk featuring white metal front, details and walkway bases; etched brass walkway sides and panelling with a plastic and brass structure.  A full set of transfers is included – £97.80.

4021A – Cakewalk motorising unit.  Fully assembled motor/gearbox and crank unit – should be purchased at the same time as kit 4021 – £168.45.


4071 Juvenile swingboats4070 – Adult set of six swingboats.  Pre-cut and machined plasticard is used to give a perfectly scale structure.  The boats are cast in resin and the steps in white metal – 4070 – £41.75.



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