Fairground Organs

A series of five organ kits, made from resin and white metal, that are simple to assemble and paint.  They can be used with rides or mounted in lorries or trailers for ‘preservation’ use.

4001 organ4001 – A typical Gavioli organ with four pipe ranks, two drums and cymbal. 39mm high x 32mm wide.  A simple to assemble kit that produces an attractive model – ideal for the beginner – £12.55.



4002 organ4002 – A Gavioli organ with carved front, three pipe ranks and bandmaster.  37mm wide x 38mm high – £12.10.




4010 organ4010 – A large 89 key Marenghi with seven pipe ranks, two drums, cymbal and bandmaster.  45mm wide x 31mm high – £19.50.



4011 organ4011 – A 46 key Chiappa with two pipe ranks, drum, cymbal and bandmaster, fits Cakewalk model.  35mm wide x 30mm high – £12.85.



4029 organ4029 – A large organ with 12 pipe ranks and bandmaster.  52mm wide (81mm with wings) x 28mm high (43mm including the drop down front) – £20.35.


All organs, except the 4029, fit the galloper model and galloper organ truck. 

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